Stand April 2020

Das Projekt "Mikrokredite" führen wir in Nepal in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Drokpo Team durch. Unsere Leute vor Ort evaluieren die Gesuche, erstellen Verträge und führen die Buchhaltung; wir stellen das Kapital zur Verfügung. In erster Linie werden die Kredite an tibetische Flüchtlinge erteilt, welche in Nepal keinen Zugang zu Bankgeschäften haben.

Im Jahr 2017 starteten wir mir sieben Krediten von jeweils CHF 500. Ein Jahr später erhöhten wir die Einsätze auf CHF 1'000 und unterstützten fünf Projekte. In einer dritten Phase haben wir 2019 zwei Kredite à CHF 5'000 vergeben.

Sämtliche Kredite, die bis Mitte 2018 vergeben wurden, sind per heute zurückbezahlt. Wir haben folgende Geschäfte unterstützt:

  • Eine neue Kamera für einen Fotografen
  • Ausstattung eines Lebensmittelgeschäfts
  • Textilgeschäft
  • Mehrere Restaurants
  • Kleines Hotel
  • Lunch Box (Take away)
  • Online shop
  • Nudelfabrik

Gerne stellen wir unten zwei erfolgreiche Investitionen näher vor. Eine weitere Investition ist in unserem neuen Jahresbericht beschrieben.

Micro Finance Stories

The micro-finance project that Manjushree Verein has supported Drokpo is a success story in itself. This particular project has been a power house of empowerment to grow, learn and dream big to the Tibetan refugees living in Nepal.


Lhaping Center at Kathmandu Durbar Square

Dechen Wangmo and Ngawang  are hard working married couple. They have a two year old daughter. Both husband and wife worked in multiple fields, Ngawang worked as a manager in a hotel and Dechen worked as a Project Coordinator in a non profit organization.
Both the husband and wife are go getters. They started and tried their luck in many businesses such as a tattoo shop, candle making business and even a retail clothing shop. The tattoo shop and the candle making business didn’t go as well as planned, it was mostly due to lack of experience. However, the clothing store was doing well but they had to sell the store for some personal reasons.
One of the big reasons Drokpo decided to give them the money was because of their attitude towards failure and their determination to succeed. Despite going through all the hardships they never gave up, they got up and came up with new ideas, until they got a business that generated revenue. They saw that the laphing industry was booming and more and more people were getting acquainted with the taste. People travel hours to Boudha to eat Laphing but they  took that and went somewhere there was no competition.

Drokpo gave Dechen and Ngawang, 100,000 Nepali Rupees to open a Laphing Center near Kathmandu Durbar Square. They used the money to pay for three months rent and to buy some furniture.

Yakpa Restaurant

Ngawang Lobsang used to be a drug addict. Due to his addiction had to go through many challenges. His marriage failed, with that he also lost custody of his daughter. It has been three years since Ngawang is free from substance use. When he first came to Drokpo for Microfinance for his restaurant he was dealing with a lot of challenges from his family and the society. People were giving him a hard time because of his history. He wanted money to buy more furniture and to give a new look to his existing restaurant.

We at Drokpo believe in giving second chances, we didn’t give the money right away. We observed and did some research about him, went to his restaurant and checked if he was really passionate about this. We saw how he had found his place in society and how important the restaurant was for him to succeed. Ngawang’s Yakpa Restaurant is small but it has a lot of his dreams and aspirations towards a better future.